Studio One 6.5 for Linux

Studio One 6.5 is now available as public beta version for Ubuntu Linux.

Besides new features like Dolby Atmos integration and ARA support on the project page, Studio One 6.5 is now available as public beta version for Ubuntu Linux. Please note that this is provided primarily for plug-in developers and advanced Linux users.

Studio One is a Wayland application and won't run in an X11 session. Wayland is a display server protocol and successor of the X Window System. Third-party plug-ins need to be adjusted for displaying a custom GUI in Studio One under Wayland. We've updated the PreSonus Plug-in Extensions with new APIs for developers to accomplish that in two different ways:

The plug-in editor can be rendered into a bitmap with the new IPlugViewRendering interface which the host will then display in a Wayland surface. For user input, mouse events are passed to the plug-in via IPlugViewMouseInput in addition to keyboard events handled by standard VST3 APIs. With this approach, the plug-in doesn't need to have an implementation specific to Wayland. As a proof of concept, we've implemented plug-in side support for these interfaces in a VST3 SDK fork. However, there is no support for opening additional windows from the plug-in.

Additionally, the new host interfaces IWaylandHost and IWaylandFrame are currently being implemented by the PreSonus development team and will be available in a future update to Studio One. The host application is a Wayland client, as well as a Wayland compositor the plug-in can connect to. This way, regular Wayland APIs can be used by the plug-in to create surfaces. Please feel free to participate in the technical discussion on the new interfaces.

For more information on Studio One for Linux in general, please check out this knowledge base article.